About The School

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Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle School is one of three schools within Bamberg School

District One. We are composed of grades seven and eight and serve around 215 students.

Our Mission:

The mission of Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle School, in partnership with home and community is to provide effective educational experiences for diverse learners in a caring environment that lead to increased student achievement and a successful transition to high school.

What Our Team Believes:

--Everyone is unique and worthy of respect
--Physical and emotional well-being is essential to learning
--Everyone should be provided with a safe and secure environment
--Individuals are responsible for their own actions
--Learning is a life-long process
--Effective communication among school, home, and the community is necessary to promote mutual understanding
--Various instructional strategies should be used to accommodate diverse learners and provide a challenging curriculum
--Technology integration is an effective teaching and learning tool in all content areas
--Students should be provided with extracurricular activities that encourage individual creativity